"Masks so real they can only be made by REALMASK!"

Perfectly Replicated Face Masks of Anyone... Sports Superstars, Film Stars, Rock Stars, Rappers, Corporate Giants, Political Leaders. We can turn any face into a Realmask*.

*Please note that Realmask.com does not offer a pre-made line of masks. All masks are custom made specifically for each client.

For more information call (216) 521-7739 or contact us by e-mail

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the Real Randy Moss Mask! We do not sell the Randy Moss Mask directly, but beginning 1/5/2010 the Randy Moss Mask can be purchased through the New England Patriots Store or you may visit the link below.

Realmask can make realistic masks of anyone. We CANNOT make single masks however, but serious inquiries for large run orders are welcome.

Please go HERE to purchase the real RANDY MOSS MASK.

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